Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant as a Treatment for Breast Cancer

The preparations.


Please take into consideration that nether of us have any medical education, and that the following account is highly subjective.

November 1994
An ultrasound scan had shown 3 enlarged lymphel nodes in the left armpit. As it turned out at the scan after the ABMT, this scan had also found enlarged lymphel nodes in the right armpit. We were not told at this time, or maybe we just did not listed hard enough.

A lot of test were performed to establish the extend of the spread, and to ensure that Susanne was physically strong enough to undergo an ABMT. To our relief no other organs seemed to be affected.

At this point we were told that the treatment only involved the ABMT. At some time during the ABMT we were told about the radiation treatment. During the radiation treatment we were told about the anti-hormone treatment. To say the least, we were not very pleased with the hospitals patient information.

December 1994
Susanne had her ovaries radiated every day for five days. This to stop the estrogen production.

January 6th 1995
Susanne was scheduled to have a Hickman catheter placed above her right breast. Only local anesthetic were given. The first doctor fumbled a lot, and after 20 minutes another doctor were called upon. He arrived with a ultrasound scanner, and the catheter were in place after a few minutes.

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