Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant as a Treatment for Breast Cancer

Looking Back.

What could, should have been different?
First of all, was the initial treatment good enough? Why was there no initial radiation of lymphel nodes. It was known that the cancer was estrogen receptive, yet no action was taken.

The lack of hospital supplied information about the treatment is staggering. We got an outdated 3 page long description of the treatment, and the schemes the nurses used during chemotherapy, but we had to ask and ask to get further information. The Net proved to be a tremendous source for information.

The timing was also bad. Susanne was the first patient in 1995 to undergo the treatment, so there was no other patients, being treated, we could ask. We had a chance to talk with the woman, who started her treatment during Susanne's isolation. I think we were able to remove some of her worries.

I have been asked the same questions by quite a few :
These pages have been prepared by me only, so all errors and mistakes are to be blamed on me. Susanne feels that she does not need to be reminded, more that necessarily, about her cancer.
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